Fauna’s Adventures

Fauna’s Adventures is a body of work featuring my guide dog Fauna. The goal of the collection is to promote the use of legitimate service animals in the travel and hospitality industries. I am passionate about travel, and operate www.blindtravels.com a website dedicated to providing tips, tricks and reviews to help those who are vision impaired to travel more effectively and safely.   

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The beauty of the California central coast rekindled my love of the still image after losing my sight in 1999. Landscape photography has always been a huge draw for me, even though I can only see the form shape and color of the vistas I am capturing. Light and shape play a pivotal role in my work, especially my abstract vision of the human form.  

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Product and Studio work

Some photographers shy away from the fidgety nature of product photography, but I embrace and love the challenge of lighting a subject in a new and interesting way.  

In the same way that I can’t see the Landscapes I am shooting, product work tends to be trial and error process as well, but I love the dramatic change a small movement of the light can make on a scene. 

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Landscapes of the Body

An abstract black and white exploration of the human form embracing negative space and focusing on accessibility and inclusivity. This work celebrates diversity in age, gender, race, body size and physical ability. This body of work has been featured in print, television and online media and is perhaps the work I am best known for. 

These images aim to show beauty in every body, not just the ones that fit the socially driven narrative for defining beauty. When shown, tactile versions accompany the traditionally framed prints, along with audio descriptions of each piece.  Note: this link takes you to the portfolio page for Landscapes of the Body. 

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Natural Bridges

For 15 years, I lived a couple of blocks away from Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz Ca. The central coast of California offers some amazing fall sunrises and sunsets, and you can find some of my favorite images here. 

My work at Natural Bridges State Beach has been featured in many print and web travel publications and Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay  news sources. 

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Mitchell’s Cove

Located on the short but scenic West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, Mitchell’s Cove has a rich local history. Best known for it’s impact on the history of surfing, this iconic location was the focus of a four month solo photography project I completed while earning my photo degree. While I don’t live in Santa Cruz anymore, I still get a lot of questions and comments about this fun little project. 

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