Mitchell’s Cove

Santa Cruz Ca.

Mitchell’s Cove as it is known by the locals is located along West Cliff drive in Santa Cruz Ca. The cove is affectionately named after the Mitchell Brothers who owned one of the first a surfboard companies in Santa Cruz. Mitchell Brother’s Surf boards are still among some of the most sought-after boards today. It’s easy to say that Santa Cruz local names like the Mitchell Brothers, and O’Neill have heavily influenced not only surfboard manufacturers, but also wetsuit designers worldwide.

The surf is not always cooperative at Mitchell’s Cove, as a matter of fact, it can be quite finicky. Because of the hit and miss surf there, capturing a surfer at Mitchell’s in good light can be quite a challenge. Its funny that it is more common to see dolphins or California Sea Lions playing in the surf there than surfers. These images were taken over the course of a year at various times of the day ranging from sunrise to almost midnight.