Public Speaking

Changing how the fully sighted see the visually impaired

My interest in public speaking began in college where I majored in communications and then hosted a top-rated drive-time show on a local San Francisco Bay Area radio station. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to share my experiences over the last ten years speaking at venues ranging everywhere from Retro Gamer Conferences, to leading travel industry organizations and even summer camps for the blind and visually impaired.

Life Changes

In 1999, at the height of my career in the videogames industry, a car accident robbed me of my sight, leaving me with 5% low functioning vision in one eye and none in the other. With almost no vision left, I spent years learning to navigate the world again and turned to photography not only as a tool to see the world around me, but as an outlet to share how I see the world. I hold degrees in Fine Art Photography, Studio Art Photography, Art, and Communications. Today I travel the world with my guide dog Fauna speaking about Photography, Art, Videogames and being a Disabled Travel Influencer and Disability Advocate.

Travel Influencer and Disability Advocate

I am the owner and primary content creator for an online resource dedicated to delivering destination and travel related technology reviews for blind and visually impaired travelers. I draw from more than 25 years of business and leisure travel in my articles, and often lecture at travel industry conferences about strategies to more effectively market leisure travel products, destinations and tours to the visually impaired. More than 250 million people in the world have visual impairments ranging from blindness to severe vision loss and I love to help members of the travel industry understand effective approaches to marketing services and products to this challenging demographic. I also commonly aid travel industry destinations to improve their property accessibility for visually impaired guests.


In 2016, I debuted a six-year-long body positive photographic project called Landscapes of the Body, an inclusive and abstract view of the human form which has been shown all over the world. I love to talk about Landscape, Portrait and Product photography, and occasionally even teach my method for creating bodyscapes. My goal when exhibiting my photography is to change the way visual artwork is experienced. When my work is shown I create an audio description for each traditional print displayed, which is accessed by scanning a QR code on any smartphone. I also provide prints which are tactile, allowing those who are visually impaired to experience the artwork.  

Retro Gamers

I worked in the videogames industry at Atari, Accolade and Mattel Toys for nearly 20 years as a Senior Product Manager creating and releasing 35 titles to the market for PC and various consoles. Throughout my career, I also created sound effects and music for many of the titles I produced, becoming adept at Foley work and voice over production. I am often called on to speak at Retro Gamer conferences about my time in the industry, and attendees often revel in my frank question and answer sessions.

I am located near Denver, Colorado, and have lots to talk about. Contact me about speaking at your event, please email directly at


My guide dog Fauna