Media, Exhibitions and Contributions


My goal when exhibiting my photography is to change the way visual artwork is experienced. When my work is shown I create an audio description for each traditional print displayed, which is accessed by scanning a QR code on any smartphone. I also provide prints which are tactile, allowing those who are visually impaired to experience the artwork.

Note: while I do exhibit my work, it is not for sale. My aim is to educate and change the perceptions of the fully sighted toward understanding visual and tactile artwork created by the visually impaired. I do donate my work on occasion depending on the charitable organization. 


Atari 7800 Forever YouTube Interview

Ted Talks about his time in the games industry working for Atari with the great folks at Atari 7800 forever.

Blind Beginnings Podcast

Pack those bags and get ready to hit the road! This week Shawn and co-hosts Keisha and Randi welcome Ted Tahequechi, a travel influencer, blogger, and photographer who also runs the website Blind Travels. They discuss his love of travel, how he adjusted after losing much of his vision in a car accident, and dive into travel tips and things to look for when traveling as someone who is blind or partially sighted.

Penny Forward Podcast

Penny Forward Podcast: Wander Without Limits with Ted Tahquechi of Blind Travels Blog

CanvasRebel Magazine

Talking about photography, vision loss, NFTs and everything in between.

Voyage Denver

What a fun interview with Voyage Denver! So happy they let me share my story with their readers.

Interview by Laura Cococcia

A big Thank you to @lauracococci Laura Cococcia for the wonderful interview she did about my photography and accessible travel site!

View at

Shout Out Colorado

Interview with Ted about Photography, Landscapes of the Body and his Blind Travels blog.

Accessible Journeys Magazine

Feature article on Ted and his Blind Travels website. Blind Travels is a travel blog with reviews of destinations and travel related technology from the unique perspective of a visually impaired traveler.




Ted was recently named #14 of the top 35 social media influencers over 50 by Afluencer. from their website: “A glance at his Instagram feed confirms this fact. His photography skills are off the charts! The images he captures aren’t just good, they evoke emotion. Look out for his guide dog, Fauna, who makes regular appearances throughout his feed. ” You can read the article here.



Accessible Journeys Magazine 

An article about Ted’s Travel Blog Blind Travels







Growing Bolder

featured Ted on their creative expression roundup

2019-2020 Artist in residence at Access Gallery. 

Imagination Collaboration 2022 Boulder Co.

Participating panel member 

5280 Magazine

article on Ted, his family and the Landscapes of the Body project.

Denver KDVR

Spotlight piece on Ted and Landscapes of the Body

Blind photographer shares his vision through exhibit


Article on Ted and Landscapes of the Body


Article on Ted and Landscapes of th Body

Denver Westword

article on Ted and Landscapes of the Body

Broomfielder Magazine

Feature article – February 2017


Color calibration solutions featured Landscapes of the Body and Ted’s work

New Mobility Magazine

Feature image for Self-Image and Intimacy: Beating the Body Rut

Nor Cal SCI

(Published image)

International Website/Blog Articles: article,niewidomy-fotograf-tworzy-piekne-krajobrazy-z-kobiecych-cial article

Exhibitions and Openings

January 2020, solo exhibition and opening of Ted’s Landscapes of the Body project at the Lighthouse for the Blind Gallery in San Francisco Ca. This body of work will be on display in the gallery located at 1155 Market St. in San Francisco through the end of 2023. The exhibit was recently refreshed with full audio descriptions recorded for each piece by Ted and features a immersive experience of tactile and audio art.  “I am beyond excited and honored to have this work exhibited at the Lighthouse for the Blind Gallery” – says Ted.


October 2019, solo exhibition and debut of my new Historic Colorado body of work. This collection combines digital photography and an alternative photographic process called Cyanotype. The images feature locations in Colorado active between 1850 and 1900. The Cyanotype process was developed in 1855 so this process is appropriate for the subject matter. Each image is one of a kind and a departure from the traditional digital workflow. 


Denver Month of Photography Road Trip exhibition at Access Gallery 2019. This was the debut Fauna’s Adventures a body of photographic work, created in cooperation with several industry leaders in the travel and leisure industry. This project features Ted’s guide Dog Fauna and aims to promotes the use of legitimate service animals in the travel and hospitality industry. 


99 Pieces of art on the wall group exhibition and fundraiser for Access Gallery in the Santa Fe Art District, Denver Co. 

Solo Exhibition at the Brunner Historical House Broomfield Co. 


Exhibition of the Landscapes of the Body collection at the Dairy Arts Center Boulder Co. 


Donating a Cyanotype print of St. Elmo ghost town for 99 Pieces of art on the wall group show fundraiser for Access Gallery in the Santa Fe Art District, Denver Co. 


February 2017 Debut of my body-positive collection Landscapes of the Body at Access Gallery in the Santa Fe Art District, Denver Co.

99 Artists on the wall fundraiser for VSA Access Gallery Denver Co. This was the first time a print from the Landscapes of the Body was available for purchase. All proceeds went to support Access Gallery. 

ALS Never Surrender Foundation contributing artist

ALS Never Surrender Foundation Website

Pure Water Show

12X12 group show Cabrillo Gallery

Sweet Peas Show


Linda’s Seabreeze Show



In January 2012, We completed our first permanent photography installation in the lobby of the Allied Health Building on Cabrillo College Main Campus in Aptos Ca. The installation features 12 images printed on metal and permanently affixed to the wall. Image sizes range from 12X12 inches to 30X30 inches.


  • Finalist Photographers Forum Magazine 2013,  2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Landscape Show Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe 2015
  • Landscape Show Pure Water 2014
  • Featured Artist at the President’s Ball Cabrillo College 2012
  • 2012 Finalist Photographers Forum contest.
  • Finalist 31st Annual College Photography contest.
  • Santa Cruz County Fair, Honorable Mention Portraits 2012
  • Santa Cruz County Fair, 1st place for Visual Manipulation 2011
  • Santa Cruz County Fair, Honorable Mention Photojournalism 2011
  • 2011 Society for Photographic Educaiton: Showing artist SPE West