While I am best known for my black and white abstract explorations of the human body, landscape and travel imagery has long been my subject of choice. My work has been featured in publications, blogs and news broadcasts worldwide. I live in Colorado, and it feels like everywhere I turn here is another opportunity to capture a breathtaking mountain vista, sunset or sunrise in the crisp alpine air. I haven’t always lived in the mountains however, for 15 years I lived a block from the beach in Santa Cruz, Ca. Sunsets on the central coast are legendary, and was the catalyst for falling head over heels in love with landscape photography.  

I venture out into nature as often as I can, but hiking in the early morning and late evening hours to reach the perfect location for my next shot can be a logistical nightmare. Since I am almost completely blind, managing camera gear, and my guide dog Fauna can be a challenge. I love the feeling of being out in nature and the exhilaration of capturing the light just right on my subject. I am drawn to subjects with strong lines and contrast like the work of Edward Weston. This is likely why sunrise and sunset with their beautiful color casts and deep shadows still beckon to me.

I’m happy to build custom exhibitions of mountain or beaches, or a mixture of both.